2019 Forecast: 3 General Manufacturing Trends You Should Look Forward to

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2019 Forecast: 3 General Manufacturing Trends You Should Look Forward to


With 2019, we can expect the manufacturing industry to see revolutionary advancements and reach new heights progressing further into the industry 4.0.

While these modern trends are going to open multiple doors of opportunities for the manufacturing businesses, it is needless to say that businesses will have to step up their strategic game to keep up with the on-going advancements.

In 2019, it is crucial for manufacturing industries to equip themselves with advanced tools and modern systems, setting themselves up for accurately identifying potential risks and threats and getting actionable insights.

Gathering essential data the right way at the right time is the key to make informed, effective business decisions.

In 2019, the following three manufacturing trends are likely to influence the manufacturing businesses.

1.     Proactive Software Systems

Efficient manufacturing industries are likely to start utilizing advanced software systems and tools. More and more manufacturing businesses are expected to install cloud-based manufacturing execution systems (MES).

Considering the increasing amount of data collected and processed by manufacturing industries, it is easy to see how MES will make things easier and faster. This will make it easier for manufacturing industries to analyze their processes and goals, and keep track of their progress.       

2.     Renewed Focus on Tool Ergonomics

It is high time now that manufacturing industries start focusing on the security status of their tools and operator safety.

In 2019, manufacturing businesses are likely to step up their game and make use of well-designed tools that are not only lighter and less reactive but also quieter. With high-quality tools, the employees will have a safer work environment to work in and won’t need to exert extra pressure while using those tools. 

3.     Making Workers Training ‘Smart’

The year 2019 is likely to see virtual reality taking over the stage and transforming the training approach. Offering a 3D environment, this approach will allow workers to be trained in potentially dangerous situations minus the risk factor. Augmented reality will beat traditional training methods and ensure fast learning.    

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