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Precision Machining

precision machined components - custom machiningGosen Tool and Machine has extensive experience in the custom machining. We machine a wide variety of precision machined parts to our customer’s prints, from sample parts, or designed and machined by our team.  Some types of machined parts that we are capable of machining are machine components, tool and fixture details, precision machined details, castings and weldments. We service various industries; a few examples include automotive, industrial machinery, material handling, medical and machine tool industries and various other industries. 
Gosen Tool’s dedicated staff and array of manual and CNC machine tools can perform precision machining operations on parts varying from 1/8” by ½” to 72” by 156”, weighing up to 8,000 lbs.
Gosen has a strong reputation for being able to deliver critical components in rush situations.  This is one of the reasons why Assembly & Test Worldwide (ATW) chooses us when they need emergency replacement and maintenance components for special machines.